Shoot more, get better…

I’ve talked a lot in recent posts about getting through a volume of work and coming out the other side a better and more confident photographer. 

Here are a few ways to keep the momentum going. 

Give yourself a deadline to start shooting right away. Do a “picture-a-day” challenge or one of the assignment-a-week challenges or just find that project that you can work on close to home, especially with travel becoming more complicated with the Coronavirus causing anxiety and stress for everyone. If you don’t have a project, go shoot on the street.

All your self-assignments can post to Instagram or other social media. 

If you can’t seem to find the time, make the time by scheduling a one or two-hour block every week to go out and shoot.

Shooting a volume of images increases your chances of getting strong ones, especially when your subject matter is a genre where things are   out of your control, like with street/travel photography. 

The stronger your images get, the tougher the edit will be, but I will lots of help on that front in future posts.

Give yourself options and then make the tough choices.

Here’s and exercise you can try:

Choose one subject, and challenge yourself to take 40 completely different compositions of the same subject or scene. Stay in one location and play with lens-to-subject distances and framing.

This exercise will stretch your visual muscles and make it easier to try new angles on future shoots. It will get you shooting and moving around more, and it will help you to “work it,” a powerful action step on your journey toward becoming a great photographer. Bottom line: Just shoot, and good things will come.

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