The Democratic National Convention – Day 4 -Thursday, July 28-2016

It’s finally over and I have a chance to edit and post the final day/night’s work. I didn’t shoot much today as I was waiting for the final balloons to drop. In conventions past, I would choose a bread and butter high position for the clear and dramatic view of the stage for the finale. But this time I was on the crowded floor since this coverage is for a book and I don’t absolutely need this balloon drop for The Conventions project. That said, I did manage to get something but I was stuck off to the side at floor level and most of the shots were blocked by enthusiastic supporters and their large signs or flags. That said, I was glad to share in the excitement at floor level…if just for the experience. Here’s some of the work from the last day.

Sawyer 3850Sawyer 3872 Sawyer 3851 Sawyer 3852 Sawyer 3853 Sawyer 3854 Sawyer 3855 Sawyer 3856 Sawyer 3857 Sawyer 3858 Sawyer 3859 Sawyer 3860 Sawyer 3861 Sawyer 3862 Sawyer 3863 Sawyer 3864 Sawyer 3865 Sawyer 3866 Sawyer 3867 Sawyer 3868 Sawyer 3869 Sawyer 3870 Sawyer 3871 Sawyer 3873 Sawyer 3874 Sawyer 3875 Sawyer 3876 Sawyer 3877 Sawyer 3878 Sawyer 3879 Sawyer 3880DNCDay4 3855 DNCDay4 3856 DNCDay4 3858 DNCDay4 3861 DNCDay4 3862 DNCDay4 3863 DNCDay4 3864

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