Final Take: DNC Philadelphia 2016


When the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia ended last Thursday night, I breathed a sigh of relief. After all, over the course of two weeks shooting at the RNC and DNC, I shot well over 50,000 frames to come up with my final take. I’m not sure I would have made it had the convention been stretched to one more day. Even thought the main even is mostly at night, there are protests and other photo opportunities happening 24/7…it’s just a matter of having a plan and shooting as much as I could…as well as getting lucky a time or two. Here are some of my favorites from Philadelphia. It was a much more restricted shoot, access was much more limited for me and the light was lower but fortunately my D5and D500 delivered great results at ISO 8000 and 3200 respectively. I’m going to take some time to recover and let things percolate before I come back and take another look at the work. As previously mentioned, I hope to do a comprehensive book of photographs from all the convention work I have done dating back to 2004. That will be a massive undertaking in the art of editing and will take me much longer to edit then it did to shoot.

You can view a full edit from the DNC 2016 Convention here on my flickr page:

DNC2016 1 DNC2016 2 DNC2016 6 DNC2016 7 DNC2016 10 DNC2016 11 DNC2016 13 DNC2016 14 DNC2016 15 DNC2016 16 DNC2016 18 DNC2016 20 DNC2016 23 DNC2016 24 DNC2016 26 DNC2016 27 DNC2016 28 DNC2016 29 DNC2016 30 DNC2016 31 DNC2016 32 DNC2016 33 DNC2016 34 DNC2016 35 DNC2016 40 DNC2016 41 DNC2016 42 DNC2016 43 DNC2016 49 DNC2016 53 DNC2016 54 DNC2016 55 DNC2016 57 DNC2016 58 DNC2016 61 DNC2016 62 DNC2016 63 DNC2016 65 DNC2016 66 DNC2016 71 DNC2016 73 DNC2016 74 DNC2016 75 DNC2016 76 DNC2016 77 DNC2016 78 DNC2016 79 DNC2016 81 DNC2016 82 DNC2016 83 DNC2016 85 DNC2016 87 DNC2016 88 DNC2016 92 DNC2016 93 DNC2016 94 DNC2016 97 DNC2016 98 DNC2016 99 DNC2016 100 DNC2016 103 DNC2016 105 DNC2016 106 DNC2016 110 DNC2016 112 DNC2016 113 DNC2016 115 DNC2016 117 DNC2016 118 DNC2016 119 DNC2016 120 DNC2016 122 DNC2016 123 DNC2016 124 DNC2016 125 DNC2016 127 DNC2016 128 DNC2016 129 DNC2016 131 DNC2016 132 DNC2016 133 DNC2016 134 DNC2016 135 DNC2016 136

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  1. says: John Mischle

    Along with your sampling of the images of the RNC, these photos display the vast diversity that makes up this great melting pot of a country.
    Good to see.
    Thank you for sharing them with us.