The Passionate Photographer Seminar: 10 Steps Toward Becoming Great @ B&H Photo July 21


I haven’t done one of my Passionate Photographer Workshops in a while but thanks to a special arrangement with B & H Photo, I will be in their event space on July 21st.  This day-long seminar has the potential to get you seeing in a new way and help you find direction and meaning in the work you love to do –to get you to the next level on your way to becoming the photographer you know you can be. Cost is $199 for the day and the class goes from 9:30am and finishes at 6pm with a one-hour break for lunch. We are limited to the first 12 people that sign up. Click here to join.

The B&H Event Space is located on the second floor of our SuperStore, at 420 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001. 

“What a wonderful experience, the best time spent in a workshop ever. Steve is a perfectionist, every presentation not only had spectacular photography but also the perfect music to enhance the mood, a roller coaster of emotions. He cannot hide his journalistic background every single image tells a story. His technique is flawless; his teaching patience unparalleled. I am eager to start a new chapter of my photography applying what Steve taught me”.

Oscar Piñeyro, Dallas

Course Description:

There are no secrets, at least not in this session based on the best-selling book, The Passionate Photographer. Steve Simon deconstructs the elements that make good photographers great. This workshop will take you to a higher level in your own photographic journey.

Through his innovative 10-step process you’ll be inspired to transform your passion into a unique personal vision. Steve will take you out of your comfort zone and help you determine what you want to say in your work, while providing practical knowledge to translate your feelings into strong, meaningful content.

Some of the concepts included in the 10 Steps are:

– Finding inspiration and the importance of mastering the technical to simplify your process and let creativity soar.

– How persistence, practice and the 10,000 hours theory can transform your work.

489_1passionbook__steve_simon2011_08_31– Strategies for even the shyest photographers for finding success photographing people by establishing trust to gain access.

– Follow the light for increased image quality and satisfaction along with editing strategies to squeeze the strongest work from every shoot.

-We will look at ethics and overcoming photographic fears, maximizing your strengths and strengthening weaknesses as well as following your instincts while troubleshooting technical and practical issues.

A big part of this workshop is the critique session where Steve and the class share ideas and constructive criticism as we look at just one image from each of the participants’ portfolio. Though I realize that choosing just one image is difficult and limited, you will learn not just from the critique of your work, but from those of fellow participants.

492_1passionbook__steve_simon2011_08_31__3_This will be an intense and fun experience, providing you with a reinvigorated passion for your work and a clear and concise plan of action to take advantage of your talents to move forward toward becoming a great photographer.

• You will learn

• To trust your intuition and rid yourself of preconceptions that hold you back.

• How to transform photographic weaknesses into strengths.

• An approach to translate your vision to compelling photographs and find direction and meaning in your work.

• Composition and concentration techniques that can have an immediate positive impact.

• How to connect with your subject and improve your people pictures.

• How to create an effective plan for improvement.

• Steve’s personal approach for working in new environments and rekindling your passion for photography


What to bring:

• Three  JPEG images from your portfolio on a USB FlashDrive for class critique. Images should be at least 2000 pixels on the long side with the file names: Your Name1, Your Name2,  Your Name3.

The B&H Event Space is located on the second floor of our SuperStore, at 420 9th Ave, New York, NY 10001. 



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