Photo Of The Day – Brooklyn Bus – I Shoot Too Much?

One of my mantra’s is to shoot more, move around and give yourself some options. It’s true, it works…I often find that the best shots are not the first few frames but more toward the last few. That said, shooting a lot of frames does create problems for me. I like the idea of having many options but as with this series shot with my Nikon V3, it’s sometimes hard to know what “the” shot is. Probably because it’s a subjective call, there is no really right pick in some situations. So giving myself a tough time when editing is something I do on a regular basis. I likely won’t change my approach but it does make things difficult. Which one do you think is the best?


BusPicofDay 1


BusPicofDay 2


BusPicofDay 3


BusPicofDay 5


BusPicofDay 6


BusPicofDay 7


BusPicofDay 8


BusPicofDay 9


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  1. says: Romel

    Love this post. It encourages me to just go out and shoot, and keep shooting because you never know when that one frame will capture the photographic moment that made you want to shoot it. For me, I like frame #2. The expression on the young girl’s face reminds me of what it’s like while sitting in the bus (while listening to music and feeling sleepy) knowing that your stop is still far away. And in contrast, the woman in front of her is like the old lady who clutches her hand bag ever so tightly and who is always alert, making sure she doesn’t miss her stop to get off the bus.

  2. says: Mike

    I like the light in # and #4 – it brings out the older woman’s features better, but I feel there is more of a story in #7, as though both women are reflecting on more than the music or their surroundings….

  3. says: Judy

    I really like the first picture because of their facial expressions. The first woman looks worried maybe she’s going through some hardships in her life while the second woman looks calm and relaxed. My eyes looked at the first woman and to the second and back and forth. The photos with the sun coming through the window, my eyes are drawn to the second woman. If she’s your main subject I would pick number 7.