Singing & Shooting In The Rain…

As I post today’s photo, I stare out my office window at what looks like a glorious day. But when this shot was made last week the weather outside was far less than beautiful. Or maybe it was beautiful because for a photographer, inclement weather is often a great time to make unique and interesting images. From back in my newspaper days where weather was often a story, we were sent out on assignment to capture a story-telling weather shot and it was always a fun challenge.

For me, when it’s raining outside I’m always looking for a protected area where I can sit or stand and photograph the misery in front of me. If I’m dry and relatively comfortable then it’s easier for me to concentrate on the misery I’m trying to capture. Today’s shot was of a New York City bus on 5th Avenue. I like the fact that’s it’s a color image but very monochromatic like some of my favorite color work is. Taken with a Nikon D5, 58mm f1.4G lens @f2.8-1/640th of a second and ISO 8000.

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