The Republican National Convention – Day 3-Wednesday, July 21-2016

I don’t have time to write a lengthy post but I will update it with more information on how I made the photos and covering the convention when I get back home. Working on my long-term convention project by Day 3 it’s hard not to repeat yourself but that’s okay. I will ultimately choose the best of my take for the final book project. Here’s day 3:

500_0099 500_0226 500_0333 500_0380 500_0557 500_0685 500_0724 500_0804 500_7388 500_7502 500_8559 500_8931 500_8959 500_9409 500_9513 500_9536 500_9571 500_9875 500_9954 SD5_6401 SD5_6412 SD5_6483 SD5_6514 SD5_6622 SD5_6698 SD5_6798 SD5_6829 SD5_7106 SD5_7114 SD5_7144 SD5_7330 SD5_7436 SD5_7468 SD5_7475 SD5_7516 SD5_7525 SD5_7579 SD5_7585 SD5_7612 SD5_7628

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  1. says: Isabel

    Hi Steve,
    Thoroughly enjoying all the convention photos! Excellent and amazing photography! Just curious as to which camera/settings did you use most of the time, especially the close ups. Looking forward for tonight’s batch of photos. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. says: Steve Simon

      I’ve been using a D5 and D500…often shooting close to wide open on my fast 35 and 58 1.4 Nikons. I’m in Aperture Priority and Auto ISO.