Personal Image Critiques, Portfolio Review & Project Consultation with Steve Simon

I know from experience how good constructive criticism of my work has made me a better photographer. I get requests all the time from photographers asking for a “critique” service where they can have me go over their work and give them an honest assessment with suggestions on how to move forward. This feedback is essential in the evolution of a photographer’s work. There is no substitute for direct and honest communication.

I will give you the benefit of my experience providing an honest evaluation with constructive criticism to help take your work to the next level. I know from experience how this collaboration can provide insights we often miss as image creators.

Though my background is primarily in documentary and street photography, I appreciate and love most genre’s of photography; from landscape, wildlife, portraiture, macro & nudes to infrared, sports, street, photojournalism and conceptual imagery; I have a talent for articulating how to squeeze the very best out of every photographic opportunity.

So I have created this service for anyone that wished to partake. It’s expensive, but my time is valuable and I think it’s worth the investment.  If you don’t agree, there is no risk with a money-back guaranty, no questions.

All photographers, even at the highest level can benefit from a second set of eyes,  helping them to see themes, strengths, weaknesses and that elusive “style” that sets our work apart. That style is revealed in the work you do, but it’s not always so obvious to the photographer.

Maybe you’re looking to create your strongest portfolio or website or thrive as a freelance photographer. Maybe you need help with your process or solving technical problems—the one hour Skype consultation will cut to the chase and provide thoughtful, meaningful, relevant and practical answers with action-planning steps to take. These critique sessions will benefit beginning photographers looking for more basic information to veteran pros wanting career advice, guidance and direction.

The focus of the session is YOU.

Programs and fee schedule: 

$400 for 20 Images. One-hour Skype Consultation.

(If you want to submit up to 40 images, I will choose the 20 we speak about during the critique.

Once you’ve registered and paid,  you will receive an email  confirmation with a link to upload the images. Please name the images : YourName 1, YourName 2, etc. (Make sure the JPEGS are less than 1 mg in size.)

After I have had time for review, we will schedule a Skype call and discuss the work via screen-sharing on Skype. The sessions last about an hour.

3-Month Program

$1100 – 20 images per month, 60 images total.  Monthly one-hour Skype Consultations (3 in total).

6-Month Program

$2100 – 20 images per month, 120 images total. Monthly one-hour Skype Consultations (6 in total).

1-Year Mentorship

$3800 – 20 images per month, 240 images total. Monthly one-hour Skype Consultations (12 in total).

Portfolio Review

I will accept up to 150 images submitted. I will weed them down to my top 30 and give you detailed explanations on the process and thinking behind my selection including reasons for choosing them in our one-hour consultation.


Project Consultation

As a passionate believer in theme and story-oriented project work, I can help edit and sequence your projects offering an unbiased assessment and a plan for completion and a best strategy for moving forward. Send detailed information on your project and your request and I will work out an estimate.  With project consultation I also provide reasonable follow-up support and advice via email/voice call.

For more information and to sign-up, go to the store.

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