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We all have trouble editing our own work. We are too close to it.

Like the metadata that sticks with our image files, we often add our own emotional metadata to a picture making it hard to be objective when editing. Regardless of where you are on your photographic journey, you need help, as do I.

I see it all the time on my workshops–photographer’s unsure of which of the images they have taken is the best. Especially after shooting a few extra frames to try and capture that decisive moment. We end up with a lot of photos to go over, many of which are similar. So how do you know you’re making the right choices? How will you build your confidence when editing your own work?

I know how valuable the critiquing process can be for photographers allowing them to see things in their own work that has been invisible until someone points it out.

What makes a photo work? When is an image considered successful? In my new weekly series I will be talking about images captured by all levels of photographers providing insight into what is working and what isn’t and most importantly how things can be improved. Of courser is not a democracy and  2 +2 does not always equal 4 when it comes to creative pursuits; but in my experience the best images often rise to the top and their are common attributes which make that happen. Learning about them will make your work stronger.

Every week I will talk about how the elements in an image affect its interpretation so you can decide what to include—and exclude—from the frame when shooting or when cropping in post. Additionally, I will share technical and non-technical information covering choices like aperture, shutter speed, and lighting. As I go through images I will note the strengths and weaknesses while identifying opportunities for refinement, and point out changes that could vary the meaning conveyed in the final image.

Every week there will be a new set of images critiqued.

The series will cover many different genre’s of photography, not just my own. It is designed to help you  improve by heightening your awareness through analysis and harness the information to enhance your photographic eye.

For access to a free 10-day trial, click here. If you watch any of the episodes it would be great to hear your comments and critique and suggestions for making things better.

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  1. says: Steve Simon

    Tha ks Rick, learning to be patient is a good thing and I’m not a patient person at my core but I know it works in photography!

  2. says: Rick Lewis

    I really enjoyed your video. Probably my biggest faults, and I have many as a photographer, is that I am not patient enough with my craft. I can so relate to the points you made in your video. Patience is truly a virtue when making good photographs.

    1. says: Steve Simon

      Yes I consistently have to work at being patient with my camera…but I do because it yields stronger work…