Watch the Online Video Course: Street Photography – Candid Portraiture

Street photography is an exercise in the art of observation: paying attention to the theater that goes on in every city and town, and capturing moments that tell stories.

In this online video course, I hits the streets of New York City to share insights on the art of candid street photography, from gear choices to shooting techniques. I show you how to immerse yourself in the thick of things, overcome your nerves, and adjust your camera to respond as quickly as possible. I had great fun doing this my first course and there’s a few more to come so I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for courses or just making the courses better let me know.

This video course is nearly 2 hours long and it’s a great resource for the emerging street photographer as well as a primer for those who are looking to brush up on their skills (and nerves). Topics include:

  • Street photography gear
  • Shooting with a long lens
  • Photographing a crowd
  • Focusing on people
  • Getting permission to photograph someone
  • Shooting people in motion
  • Photographing people in a sensitive or significant place
  • Reviewing images in post


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    1. says: Steve Simon

      Thanks Eddy, will have a few more classes coming out soon…hope you like them as much.Let me know! Always wanting to grow and improve.

  1. says: Chris

    I watched this course awhile back and found it very informative. Filmed on location in NYC we get to watch Steve as he makes decisions about where and what to photograph. We also get to see how he interacts or even chooses to be seen by subjects and how he resolves this situations. I found this part of the course extremely helpful, because that is the part of the process I struggle with.

    1. says: Steve Simon

      Hey Chris, thanks–you might like the posed-portraiture Street class where I go up to strangers and either have a nice portrait session or I get shot down…but I always get up and ask an new person… The posed class and some others will be up soon. We just finished filming last week.