The Democratic National Convention – Day 3 -Wednesday, July 27-2016

Day 3 was the busiest day yet with the least access. With the President coming it meant security was heightened and as the night went on the floor got busier and busier until it was locked down before the President’s speech. That meant regardless of your credential, you could not get on or off. It was tight, people and press everywhere and I expect tonight to be a similar situation. I plan on staying on the floor as long as I can but ultimately heading up higher in the arena for the final balloon drop after Hillary Clinton’s speech.

In these images I put the 200-500 Nikkor on my D500 but limited the ISO to 3200 and let Vibration Reduction help keep me steady. Of course I’m shooting less getting more selective as the conventions move forward, but I’m always on the lookout for something new. This is for a book project ultimately and when it comes time to make the final selection there will be some hard choices…but ultimately it will make the project stronger. DCNDay3 1 DCNDay3 2 DCNDay3 3 DCNDay3 4 DCNDay3 5 DCNDay3 6 DCNDay3 7 DCNDay3 8 DCNDay3 9 DCNDay3 10 DCNDay3 11 DCNDay3 12 DCNDay3 13 DCNDay3 14 DCNDay3 15 DCNDay3 16 DCNDay3 17 DCNDay3 18 DCNDay3 19 DCNDay3 20 DCNDay3 21 DCNDay3 22 DCNDay3 23 DCNDay3 24 DCNDay3 25 DCNDay3 26 DCNDay3 27 DCNDay3 28 DCNDay3 29 DCNDay3 30 DCNDay3 31 DCNDay3 32 DCNDay3 33 DCNDay3 34 DCNDay3 35el


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