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Sometimes an image I take resonates with me and I’m not really sure why.  Like many photographers, there are a lot of images that I take that I’m happy with; still many more I wish were better. Occasionally I fall in love with an image.

Once that happens, I can never be objective about it.

All photographers benefit from good constructive criticism; which I think is essential to our progress as we journey through this passionate pursuit.

Normally when I edit, it’s a struggle to pick the best frame since I tend to shoot a lot, looking for that elusive best moment to squeeze the very best from every shoot. But with this image, taken near the end of the day shooting at Coney Island, (through a fence no less) I loved it when I saw it and it has become an instant favorite. I think it’s because I know that feeling.

It reminds me of the sheer joy of photography I experienced as a kid and still do today. Photography can be a lonely pursuit,  but when the planets align (which is not too often) it is exhilarating. I don’t know how others would react to this image, but that doesn’t really matter. The picture is of me. It’s  a self-portrait of an amazing photographic ride that I hope will never end.

(Nikon D750 w/ 70-200mm f2.8G ED VR-II- 1/640th of a second, f3.5; Auto ISO (125))

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  • Nice! This is a complex photo with a lot going on yet your [my] eye goes right to the silhouette of the girl with outstretched hands. I think you could make a go of this photography thing, Steve. 🙂

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