Our New Podcast Episode 6 Is On Apple Podcasts…

We are back in business with the podcast with a new co-host Clifford Pickett. 

Click HERE to listen.

Our previous podcasts with Steve Attard are still online, but Steve has been too busy with work and dealing with the obligations of raising his young family to do this as regularly as I would like. So Clifford Pickett will be the new co-host moving forward, with Steve A. popping in occasionally when he can. Very excited to be working with Cliff and I know you will learn much from him, and be entertained in the process. Give us a recommendation or review if you like, it can help us get some traction.

His short bio:

Clifford Pickett is a NYC-based professional photographer, and educator. His unique approach to photography, teaching, editing and workflow takes him around the globe where he inspires others to “Lighten up” – redefining the term image quality and demonstrating his distinctly simple yet powerful workflow and editing techniques using Lightroom as well as the importance of craft and vision over gear.

The Podcast:

This is the Passionate Photographer Podcast, where Steve Simon & Clifford Pickett, talk about allthingsphotographic including ways to up your photographic game, from both content and businessperspectives.And we will have fun doing it…

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