Semester 1


The Passionate Course

A Guide To Becoming The Photographer You Want To Be

This section of the blog is designed as a high level photography course, adapted from the best selling book – The Passionate Photographer – 10 Steps To Becoming Great.

Here you will find a series of blog posts with one goal in mind: Moving you forward to the next level in your photographic journey, regardless of your photographic passions. Posts are added weekly and show up in order so you can complete the entire program, one step at a time. I also include assignments to strengthen the knowledge delivered in every post.

Feel free to post comments on your progress and questions that come up. Lets get started!

Below you will find the blog posts in order. I recommend you do them in sequence rather than jumping around. Please comment at the bottom of the posts to start a conversation with myself and The Passionate Photographer Community.

Good Luck and Good Shooting!