Photo Of The Day – Essaouira, Morocco

It was a small fishing village, I had my Nikon D600 with an SB-700 on a Speedlight in a Softbox. When I asked this fisherman if he minded being in a photograph, he agreed. Like so many fleeting photographer-subject relationships, this one lasted just a few moments but it was captured forever. The magic of photography.

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  • Hello Steve, I don’t know how I’ve missed getting to your site until now, but I am glad I did! This image caught my eye, and the ‘onsite portrait lighting’ solution is one I’m interested in replicating for a trip to Morrocco in Late May-June for some personal work (during a Fulbright-Hays study stint) First, a nerdy question: When abroad do you use rechargeable AA’s for your speedlights, and if so, what brand? If not, i know why.. the duracells I’ve tried lose charge too soon in the bag.. The second, content related question: Do you use a in-country guide/handler/translator to ease logistics and communication with your subjects? I may not have that resource on this jaunt, but want to connect with folks to make environmental portraits in a collaborative (and editorial?) way for my project looking at personal experiences of political change and evolution of women’s rights in this diverse and fascinating country!

    • Hi Lincoln, I do use alkaline when abroad, not so earth-friendly but if there are no outlets and I can’t recharge….I always have someone to help me…it makes things 400 per cent easier…sometimes you can find fellow photographers on sites like flickr who can help, without charge…

      • Thanks Steve! I appreciate the feedback, and guidance on finding local help. I’m thinking that I could ‘pay’ by having them show me their favorite place to eat, and beat them to the bill. Of course, as long as that doesn’t tread upon their legendary sense of Mediterranean hospitality. I’ve had a difficult time catching the bill when with the good folks of Termini (Italy) bless their rightly proud souls! Happy Travels to you.

  • As it happened for this particular shoot I went out uncharacteristically high profile. I had a friend hold a soft box with two Nikon SB700 flashes inside attached to a Lightware “four square”, using simple TTL…softbox was held about 45 degrees and above his head.

  • Steve – What sort of softbox were you using? Were you holding it in your hand or was someone holding it for you?

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