New York City Columbus Week Street Workshop: Student Work

I’m just back from a lot of travel which I’m looking forward to sharing on the blog, but in the meantime there’s lots to catch up on including this workshop.

The New York City Street Workshop in October was a lot of fun and we had great participants as you will see from their work. They came to New York from Canada, Norway, Germany and different parts of the United States. We had press privileges to cover the Columbus Day Parade in the city– which is a big deal since we could wander the parade route with immunity while the thousands of other photographers who wanted to shoot were kept behind the line.

This is how you photograph the parade when you don't have a press pass...behind the barricades.
This is how you photograph the parade when you don’t have a press pass…behind the barricades.

And this is how workshop-shooter Frank Mersland found the best angle when you’re allowed full access to find the best places to shoot from.


I encouraged attendees to keep things light and that’s exactly what I did, opting for one camera-one lens (my trusty 58mm f1.4G Nikkor) and it allowed me to move quickly and find my shooting position unconsciously, knowing the lens so well.

sd5_6567 sd5_6782 sd5_8643

Since the workshop started on the Thursday and the parade wasn’t until Monday, we had a chance to shoot a lot of New York City before dealing with the intensity of the parade. Take a close look at the work. Everyone left with a great portfolio of images. We have already announced the next Columbus Week Workshop 2017 which you can find more information about here. It’s sure to fill up quickly. More to come.


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