Every Frame, Everyday Street-Tokyo – Douglas Palmer

As I have often noted, one of the joys of teaching photography is the educational benefit I get when working with students. I will be posting more information and images from our street photography workshop in Tokyo last month– but in the meantime I thought I would share this cool video made by workshop participant Douglas Palmer.

Time Lapse Effect

Doug took every one of the 2,160 frames he captured on the trip and used them here.

If you want to know how he did this, it’s not so complicated…

“The video was made by first exporting every image (good, bad and indifferent) in order of capture with the long edge at 3840px in a sequence (Tok-1.jpg, Tok-2.jpg, etc). Import those into Premiere Pro and move to a sequence, find music that can be used and add audio track, then add opening and closing credits. Set video length to whatever the length should be at 29.97 FPS at that rate to MP4 with Fuji HD treatment at 4K resolution.”

It’s a relatively simple process with a great result. There are so many ways to take our still images and communicate our vision with the world. Thanks for sharing this Doug, I will no doubt try something similar in the future.

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