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AWe’re all traveling photographers. It is likely most of us do the vast majority of our photography outside our home. But if you’re like most photographer’s I know, you spend just as much time, if not more– preparing, researching, preparing and post-processing.

As a professional who has travelled to more than 45 countries, I have learned a thing or two about planning to make every travel experience as smooth, safe and worry-free as possible. This sets the stage for making strong and compelling travel images.

With so much information out there, I have culled and curated my travel bookmark list to the 100 + most relevant sites for creating that close to perfect travel experience.

Included in the list are some great sites for booking travel, workshops and accommodation as well as other key sites for success including:

  • Keeping yourself and your equipment safe on the road
  • Equipment and health insurance
  • Photographers’s rights around the world
  • Golden-hour calculators
  • Finding and choosing your best seat on any airline
  • Traveler’s checklists
  • Best travel blogs
  • Best travel books & magazines
  • Cool and useful travel products
  • Special sites for US travelers
  • Finding the best local transport from urban rail to carpooling
  • Finding a private guide or “fixer”
  • Currency converters
  • Electricity converters
  • Jet-lag optimizers
  • Maps and translation
  • and so much more!
When I’m out on the streets of this world shooting as a professional, so much of the process is out of my control. Life goes on oblivious to the pressures I might be under and in the end, there are no excuses.

So I put the odds in my favor. Knowledge is power. Many of the ideas and practical tips from these sites will upgrade your travel experience and elevate your travel work to new heights.